#1 – Intros, NFT Projects OnChainMonkey & Nouns


  • Welcome / brief intro
  • Jarrod – first business anniversary
  • Dan’s monkey donut issue
  • Explaining NFTs
  • OnChainMonkey
  • Karma Collection
  • Nouns
  • Read.ai 

Full summary (provided by read.ai)

Dan Norris and David Heavyside discussed David’s background in media and design, his past projects, and his current work in the blockchain space. They also discussed Jarrod Robinson’s AI summarization tool, which can provide video highlights and transcripts of Zoom calls. David Heavyside, Dan Norris, and Jarrod Robinson discussed Danny Yang’s project, On Chain Monkey, which is a collection of NFTs. They discussed how Danny’s co-founder, an artist, created a derivative collection called Karma, which is a collection of art that can be fed to a Genesis Monkey to create a Karma Monkey. Dan sold a donut from the Karma Collection for $2,500, which is worth much more than the $0.1 he paid for the Genesis Monkey. Jarrod Robinson and David Heavyside discussed the value of NFTs and how they are created and distributed. They also discussed the risks of buying and selling NFTs, such as the potential for scams. Dan Norris asked how much he should sell his monkey for, and David Heavyside suggested he should sell it for more than the floor price. Jarrod Robinson and Dan Norris discussed the Nouns protocol, which is a blockchain-based project that auctions off a new noun every day. The winning bidder gets one vote in the decentralized organization, which is funded by the treasury. They also discussed how creatives can use the protocol to monetize their skills and get funding for projects. Finally, they discussed the growth hacking competition, which offered a $5,000 prize for the best proposal. 

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