#2 – AI Photoshop, Dan’s AI Content Experiment, ChatGPT & the impact of AI

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The meeting began with Jarrod and Dan discussing the recording of the meeting and the value of domain names. They also talked about the sale of Dan’s monkey and received feedback on their podcast. The conversation then shifted to the use of AI-generated images for blog posts and the potential impact on graphic designers. They discussed the limitations of AI-generated images and the importance of human creativity in content creation. The speakers also explored the evolution of photography and content creation, highlighting the importance of disrupting oneself to avoid being disrupted by new tool sets and ways of working.

Dan Norris shared an interesting use case of a designer using a combination of hand-drawn illustrations and digital tools to create marketing collateral for a limited release beer can. The group discussed the potential benefits of using design tools to create marketing materials, including cost savings and the ability for designers to create their own materials. They also discussed the potential impact of technology on the market for premium skill sets and whether they will continue to exist.

The meeting participants discussed the use of AI in creative processes and the importance of having experience in the field to effectively use AI tools. They also touched on the idea of AI as a digital colleague rather than a replacement for search engines. The importance of customization and personalization in the premium end of town was also discussed, with the potential for AI to scale personalization in a way that was not possible before.

The meeting concluded with a debate between Dan and Jarrod about the impact of technology on jobs and roles. They discussed how technology is already affecting certain industries and how it may change the structure of work in the future. They both agreed that technology is having a significant impact on the workforce and that it is important to consider the implications of these changes. The speakers also discussed the historical significance and potential impact of AI and machine learning, agreeing that it is a massive transformational technology that will impact every product and industry.

Chapters & Topics:
Recording and Domain Names
Watching TikTok Videos and Discussing Generative Content Tool from Photoshop
Discussion on the use of AI-generated images in content creation:

  • The value of graphic designers in the creative industry.
    The Importance of Embracing Technological Advancements
    The Evolution of Photography and Content Creation:
  • The evolution of photography and its impact on the publishing industry
    Using Design Tools for Marketing Collateral:
  • Using design tools to create marketing collateral
    The Impact of Technology on Premiums and Specialization:
  • The impact of technology on the job market and the premium for skill sets.
    The Role of AI in Creative Processes
    Premium Customization and Personalization:
  • Personalization and scaling through AI
    The Impact of Technology on Jobs and Roles
    The Significance of AI and Machine Learning:
  • Recording and transcribing meetings using AI technology

Humans notes

TikTok videos of Photoshop Generative Fill

Dan’s 20 article AI experiment

Designer Aidan

Dan’s article on AI designed beer cans.

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